• The notices of buying multihead weigher packing system

    The notes when choosing multihead weigher packing machine:   1. The qualification of manufacturer. It includes the awareness of the company、the ability of researching and developing、customer quantities and certificates.   2. The weighing range of multihead weigher packing machine. There...
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  • Basketball Game Weekend Activity Together With Brother Company

    Smartweigh have a basketball game with our brother company yesterday .        
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  • Double Conveyor System Secondary Lifting Packing Line

    Special Features •  Double lifting system deliver material to weighing machine and packing machine separately by conveyor . •  Different type of conveyors available for option to meet different needs such as bowl conveyor,incline conveyor to bucke...
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  • Vertical packing machine VFFS bagging machine For Snack Packing

    Specification Type SW-P420 Bag length 60-300 mm(L) Bag width 60-200 mm(W) Max width of roll film 420 mm Packing speed 5-55 bags/min Film thickness 0.04-0.09mm Air consumption 0.8 mpa...
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  • Smartweigh Company Holiday Schedule of Ching Ming Festival

      Dear All customers ,   The Qingming festival, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day in English, a Chinese festival observed by the Han Chinese of mainland China . Smartweigh will close in 3-4,April and all employees are going to have two day off .We’ll response your inquiry asap . Ap...
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  • New packing project for small weight Cannabis Mint flower

    Pictures Specification   Name Cannabis packing line  Speed 40-50bags...
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  • Smartweigh Marketing Director General Manager Mr.Hanson Wong

    After graduating from university ,Mr.Hanson worked for a packaging machinery company for 5 years ,being senior regional sale for domestic market,he have full experiences in packaging machinery industry . At the time, being a salesman was a long way to go to presue his goal,Hanson realized he cou...
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  • Happy Woman’s Day

    Happy International Women’s Day! Smartweigh team celebrate the incredible contribution our female colleagues make in providing weighing and packaging solutions .      
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  • The first day at Sino-pack 2021

    Today is the first day in Sino-pack,welcome to visit us at 1.2/A55 .    
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  • Smartweigh New Plant

    Recently a new plant is built to meet the need of mass packaging machinery production within one week in Smartweigh .  
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  • Smartweigh Sino-pack 2021exhibition

    Smartweigh Sino-pack 2021exhibition

    Smartweigh team will exhibit in Sino-pack 2021 at 4-6,March 2021 . Booth number :1.2/A55 Address:Area A, China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China.   The 27th China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials is a leading and professional packaging trade...
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  • Smartweigh back to work from CNY holiday today

    Smartweigh back to work from CNY holiday today

    After a 15 days Chinese New Year holiday,Smartweigh open today .Welcome for any inquiries .    
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  • What should be known before you buy a computer multi-head scale?

    1. The requirement of weighing accuracy / tolerance To reduce the loss cost during the weighing and packing, the end users will choose to buy multihead weigher packing machine instead manual weighing and packing, they prefer to buy higher accuracy’s multi head scale. It ...
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  • How does the pellet packaging machine work?

    In operation, how to make better use of mechanical equipment must first fully understand the working principle of mechanical equipment. 1. The material enters the weighing hopper through the feeding mechanism (pneumatic door); 2. After receiving the component signal of the sensor, the manipulator...
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  • Why foreign food factory use multihead weigher?

    With the rapid development of Chinese food industry is, many famous brands were born, such as candy brand Hsu Fu Chi、Yake and etc. However, compared with foreign famous candy manufacturers, there is a big gap between domestic food enterprises in terms of scale and per capita labor productivity, ...
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  • Smart Weigh multihead weigher brief introduction

    Smart Weigh multihead weigher brief introduction

    With the development of automatic production in various fields and the continuous increase of labor costs in China, food, medicine, seeds and other industry have urgent demand of automatic multihead weigher. There is huge development space in China multihead weigher market. What parts do automat...
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  • The advantages and disadvantages of vacuum rotary packing machine

    The advantages and disadvantages of vacuum rotary packing machine

    Rotary vacuum packing machine is born for solving the factory labor shortage, it is one of vacuum packing machine. The rotary vacuum packing machine is good for enterprises long term development because of its automation: auto pick up empty bags, auto open bags, print date, auto fill, seal and o...
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  • Pickle kimchi weighing packing line in jar and bottle

    Pickle kimchi weighing packing line in jar and bottle

    Do you like pickle food such as kimchi? Which brand is your favorite? Recently, Smart Weigh had cooperated the kimchi in bottle auto weighing packing line with Korea company, whose factory is built in Jiangsu province, China. "We never thought that this can be fully auto...
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  • Smart Weigh attend PROPAK CHINA booth 51A20

    This is the first exhibition in 2020, Smart Weigh team keep waiting your visiting. Our booth is 51A20. We exhibit secondary packaging packaging machinery with multihead weigher. Its highlight is ensure the products are filled vertically with accurate weight or quantity. 
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  • Communication is Key to Successful Form, Fill & Seal Projects

       Selecting the form, fill & seal (FFS) machine that is right for your application is not a matter of luck. As with any substantial purchase, you must research different machine styles, evaluate vendors, solicit recommendations and input from colleagues, read topical articles , watch videos...
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